Read the Rest of Melas Book 1 on Amazon KU!

So, yeah.

I went ahead and did it. The rest of Melas Book 1: Bound and Broken is going to be available on KU for the next three months. Unfortunately, not many people were fans of this book, so yeah… trying to breach new audiences. I hope you do understand my decision. If you do have Kindle Unlimited, I highly encourage you check it out. Or if you can spare a few dollars, it’s not really that expensive for a 150,000 word book.

You can read it by clicking here!

Otherwise, thanks for reading this far! You can check out my other fic, Salvos, which will never go to KU!

3 thoughts on “Read the Rest of Melas Book 1 on Amazon KU!

  1. Hey dude, I just have to say, I’m absolutely loving this. It’s very carefully written, and it reads so much smoother than many practiced writers. You have some really cool themes, and I love the little jokes in there. Love it so far, and the website’s great.

    Thanks, and keep it up ❤️

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  2. Thus marks the end of Book 1. There is an interlude after this which is final chapter of the Book, but this the ending point for Melas.

    I could write essays upon essays trying to explain what I had intended to do— from the abusive and manipulative relationship Melas had with Victor, to the idea of escapism written throughout the subtext, to the anti-revenge route I went, to the forced moral reconciliation of Melas— but it would be completely pointless. What matters is how well I executed, and thus, conveyed said intentions in my writing.

    As a first time writer, I hope that even if it wasn’t done perfectly, it was done well enough that you picked up on half of what I wanted to communicate in the Book. To me, that would be a good starting point which I can only build up from, to better myself as a writer and storyteller, and hopefully when I finally reach the ending of Melas, I’d be able to fully do it justice.

    Thank you all so much for reading ❤


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